Pokemon Sun&Moon Deformation Pokeball Action Figure Robot Toy


  • 100% Brand new
  • The props are detailed and highly restored.
  • The details of each prototype are subtle three-dimensional modeling.
  • Arbitrarily place, add a beautiful landscape to the room, office, and car.
  • The hand details are upgraded, the joints are movable, the shapes lifelike, and they can be played, decorated and treasured.
  • The details are fine, the overall workmanship is fine, the colors are rich, the lines are smooth, and the details are polished in place.
  • The game characters are truly restored, the overall shape is graceful, exquisite and exquisite, and it is highly collectible.
6PieceSetBlastoise+1 Ball(No box)Blastoise+1 Ball(with box)Blastoise+Mewtwo+2 Balls(no box)Blastoise+Mewtwo+2 Balls(with box)Charizard+1 Ball(No box)Charizard+1 Ball(with box)Charizard+Venusaur+2 Balls(no box)Charizard+Venusaur+2 Balls(with box)Gyarados+1 Ball(No box)Gyarados+1 Ball(with box)Gyarados+Pikachu+2 Balls(no box)Lunala+1 Ball(with box)Mewtwo+1 Ball(No box)Mewtwo+1 Ball(with box)Pikachu+1 Ball(No box)Pikachu+1 Ball(with box)Solgaleo+1 Ball(with box)Solgaleo+Lunala+2 Balls(no box)Solgaleo+Lunala+2 Balls(with box)Venusaur+1 Ball(No box)Venusaur+1 Ball(with box)
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