Pokemon Stuffed Animal Cuties Poké Plush – 8″(Meowth/Puppet/Pickchu)


  • Measures about 8 inches  long
  • Sits up easily on a desk, shelf, or other flat surface
  • Can be lifted on the wall with an attached sucker suction cup
  • Part of the stuffed animal collection—known as Pokémon fit in Japan
ArcanineBlastoiseBulbasaurCCharizardCharmeleonChikoritaDDiglettDragoniteDragonite SmallEspeonGengar CGolduckHaunterhu shiLaprasLickitungMeowthMewtwoMudkipNew CharmanderNew GengarNew JigglypuffNew VenusaurPidgeottoPterosaurPuppetRaichuSlowpokeSnorlaxSnorlax CTorchicTyphlosionUmbreon
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