Poké Plush: Anime Stuffed Doll Collection Sets – 8~10″(Pikachu,Squirtle etc)


  • Cute and cuddly 8″ -10″ Pokémon Plush Stuffed Animal is a must have for all Pokemon fans!
  • Makes a great gift for fans of Pokemon – Your favorite Pokémon character is waiting for you!
  • The plush toy is inspired by Pokémon anime, trading cards, Let’s Go! and Nintendo video games series!
ball 8cmBulbasaur 20cmCharizard 25cmCharmander 20cmCharmeleon 20cmChespin 29cmClefairy 20.5cmCubone 26cmDedenne 25cmDragonite 25cmDratini 22cmEevee 26cmEkans 22cmFroakie 25cmGastly 29cmGengar 25cmGrowlithe 25cmJigglypuff 25cmJolteon 25cmKyogre 32cmLapras 25cmMagikarp 29cmmarill 23cmMeowth 25cmMew 25cmPichu 20cmpikachu 25cmpikachu B 25cmPiplup 25cmPonyta 28cmpopplio 21cmPsyduck 25cmRowlet 21cmSlowpoke 25cmSnorlax 25cmSquirtle 20cmTogepi 25cmTreecko 24cmVulpix 24cmWartortle 22cmWobbuffet 20cm
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